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The Philippine has some social problems which is need to fix. One of these problem is crime. People who commit crimes comes from the different background.  The biggest problem that the Philippines facing today is the “War against Criminality”.

The overall crime rate in the Philippines went down but the murder rate up during the first 5 months of the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, according to the latest figures from the Philippine National Police (PNP). The index crime volume declining to  55,391 from July-November this year compared to 81,064 from July-November 2015  or a drop of 31.67 percent.


Communication Secretary Martin Andanar claimed that the Philippines is now a “safer place”.

In contrast, the number of people that killed has risen since Duterte launched his anti-drug campaign. A total of 5,882 people have been killed across the country since President Rodrigo Duterte launched his war on illegal drugs, PNP data showed.

Human rights advocates are however alarmed over how the anti-drug drive may be encouraging police abuses and summary executions.

The PNP is currently investigating 1,067 unexplained killings, which dela Rosa said, were not all drug related.

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