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Summer Escapade: In need of Vitamin R? Rest from Stress?

Tired of imagining your batcha as infinity pool, and tabo as kiddie pool? Well, chill best friend I’ve got something here for you and for the whole squad! Leggo to Club Balai Isabel, Talisay Batangas!17352880_1930090727227431_95699228_n

They can accommodate 2-20 persons, they offer Villas, Suits, Cottages and Hotel Rooms. If you are planning an outing, there is no need to bring the whole kitchen, cooking option is available and they have complete kitchen utensils. They also have set of basic toiletries.

Outdoor Adventures:


2. Wilderness and Taal Volcano Hiking

Visit their page for more info:

How to get there:

Option 1: From South Super Highway  (via Tagaytay)

  1. Take the Sta. Rosa Exit and turn right.
  2. Follow the main road leading to Tagaytay. When you reach Tagaytay, you will come to an intersection.
  3. Turn Left at the intersection.
  4. Go straight until yo see a public elementary school at your left and a road named Ligaya Drive on your right.
  5. Turn Right at Ligaya Drive. Follow the road down to Talisay. Please exercise caution: this is a steep road. 
  6. When you reach the bottom of the road you will come to an intersection. Turn Left at this intersection.
  7. You will pass a bridge. Club Balai Isabel is 200 meters from this bridge on the right side. If you see a second bridge,  then you have gone past the resort.

Option 2: From South Super Highway

  1. On South Luzon Expressway, simply go straight past the end of the highway, and straight to  the Star Tollway.
  2. Go up the ramp at the Tanauan City exit and turn right. You are now at the National Highway.
  3. Follow the road going to Talisay.
  4. When you reach the town proper of Talisay, go straight ahead.
  5. Club Balai Isabel is 500 meters from the town proper on your left side. If you see the second bridge, you have gone past the resort.


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Summer is just around the corner II: sunblock check, bikini out!

Heyaa Girlfriends! How’s the search for the perfect bikini for Summer 2017? Let go of the 2016 vibe and say hello to the fierce and spicy 2017! Show them ya curves, go love ya self and be sassy wearing the bikini!

Here are some bikini ideas for you and for the squad!


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Summer is just around the corner: Exciting vacation goals in 2k17!


Tired hearing the famous quote of the barkada? The “Nag plano,na-excite,  naging drawing.” Well here are some of the summer destinations  and tips for 2017!

My dear Best friend, 150 pesos is all we need! Can’t afford checking in to those expensive infinity pools in the north?

Experience the best of the south here in Batangas for you to have a chance to post a hashtag like  #masayaangbakasyonko  #hindinadrawing  #beach  #travelgoals  #infinitypool and  #ilijanatitsfinest! Yes you heard it right, its more fun at Ilijan Batangas City! And yes 150 pesos entrance fee at VISTA de PUENTE Beach Resort! Don’t forget to visit and like their page:

How to get there:

From SM City Batangas, ride a jeepney bound to Pagkilatan Ilijan, and get off to Ilijan.

(90 pesos back and fourth) (PS: Bring power bank)

You can do side trips!

  1. Ilijan Waterfalls
  2. Kanluran Sea Shore
  3. St. Michael Archangel Parish

Don’t forget to hashtag #itsmorefuninilijan !


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Why these Indian state elections matter to the whole world


An art student paints during a voting awareness campaign ahead of the elections. As India’s popular state Uttar Pradesh has the largest parliamentary representation and holds huge political sway.

India’s ruling political party has won a crucial state election, strengthening the ability to push through a development agenda in the worlds fastest growing major economy. Of the five state elections being counted over the weekend, one result especially loomed large, that off central India’s Uttar Pradesh, home to more than 200 million people. the staggered five-week vote in that state alone marks the biggest election in the world in 2017.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janta Party or the BJP, won in a landslide, taking a total of 312  over 75% of the 403 seats on offer in the biggest majority for any party in Uttar Pradesh since 1980.

The clear majority means the BJP will be able to form a state government without the help of other parties. In previous Uttar Pradesh election in 2012, the BJP ony won 47 seats. 2017’s votes marks a significant endorsement for Modi, the leader of BJP, and the face of its campaign across state elections.